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Types of Data Destruction and Secure IT Disposal

With regard to physical computer media (such as tape media storage, disk drives, and SSDs), secure IT disposal is a procedure that ensures that data is truly erased or that the media has been destroyed to the point of being unreadable.

Physical Data Destruction

Physical destruction guarantees that your information is irretrievable. We use top of the line shredders to streamline the process as shredding is the most secure and cost-effective way to dispose of all types of storage media. All data destruction is conducted at either our secure location or we can send an on-site shredder. As a result, our clients are insulated from exposure to legal liabilities or loss of corporate assets.

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Magnetic Media Degaussing

Magnetic degaussing, popularly known as bulk erasing, permanently erases all data from magnetic storage media by deleting, formatting and controlling the information on the track. Data tape degaussing exposes equipment to a powerful magnetic field to ensure removal of data from the stored media. This method is perfect for small and medium sized business that are looking for a budget friendly way to destroy retired media tapes.

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Data Tape Erasure

Looking for a way to securely erase data from old data tapes, but still retain the physical cartridge? Data tape erasure is perfect for businesses that have tape media they intend to reuse or resell.

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Why Should You Consider Data Destruction?

Data security is main concern for IT departments in any organization, and rightly so. Many of their clients demand that their data is handled appropriately and destroyed according to both government and industry standards.

We provide honest and secure data destruction services which include physical destruction with a mobile shredder and secure data erasure methods like degaussing. All of our destruction services are effective, auditable and certified. Ship storage assets to our secured facility or simply ask for the mobile data destroyer to be deployed on site. We proudly provide all of our clients with a chain of custody and certificate of data destruction upon completion.

Data Destruction By The Numbers

  • 44% of organizations have never disposed of hardware containing confidential information.
  • 31% of organizations have no protocol for storing and disposing of confidential data.
  • 46% of organizations don’t audit the security procedures they have in place.

Degaussing: Data Destruction Basics

Learn more about the process of magnetic degaussing.

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Our data eradication service provides complete eradication of data from tapes, protecting your hard-earned reputation and trustworthiness by preventing confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. Our time-tested eradication processes ensure secure eradication and required processes to meet today’s state, local government, industry specific regulatory compliance requirements, customer and employee privacy legislation, and security mandates. All data eradication is conducted at our secure location. As a result, our clients are insulated from exposure to legal liabilities or loss of corporate assets.

We meet or exceeds all industry-specific regulations, including: