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Secure IT Shipping Solutions

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We understand that secure transportation is an essential piece to the data security process. In order to ensure your data is safe, we proudly use Volser and barcode labeling practices from on-site pickup to drop off at our secured facility. Let us help you streamline the movement of your IT assets and data center equipment with experienced logistics management. We’ve supported a variety of businesses, with regional, national, and global logistics. Every organization has unique security requirements with shipments ranging from a few boxes to full truck loads. We have a shipping solution for every scenario with many options to ensure all shipments meet your specific needs.

Secure Chain-of-Custody

We offer over half century of experience, ensuring you peace-of-mind after your shipment has left your premises. From efficient pickups, thorough communication, a 24 hour secured facility, and a secure chain-of-custody throughout processing. Along with our secure chain-of-custody, we offer VolSer and serial number reporting to document each tape.

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Global Advantage Partner

Cross-border transport of retired IT assets can be challenging if not handled correctly. Take advantage of our proven record to avoid non-compliance consequences and ensure secure handling of your personal data.

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Getting the Job Done Right

  • Our freight coordinators will help you with all shipping requirements – from one box, to a pallet, to a truckload
  • We will arrange and pay for all shipping for all items we purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Digital photos can be sent before shipments leave and when they arrive at our facility to ensure no tampering has occurred
  • Sealed containers are available for shipping with secure serialized numbered locking seals
  • Specialized handling for inside and out-of-the-ordinary pick ups
  • Dedicated trucks are available for large shipments
  • Full chain-of-custody, VolSer and serial number reporting and certificates of data destruction.
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