What You Need to Know About LTO-8

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Everything You Need to Know About LTO-8

We are currently in the midst of an exciting time in the world of storage media! The continuous advancements in storage technology brings about even more chances to gather additional data and gain insights from stimulating discoveries.  Here is everything you need to know about LTO-8.

What about the cost of LTO-8?

With multi-tier storage, data teams can improve information-driven workflows by lowering operating expenses related to maintenance of large quantities of data across vast storage environments.

Now most of us are aware that LTO-8 tape offers dependable protection along with remarkable efficiency at a cost-effective price. However, did you also know that LTO 8 tape drives use much less energy than LTO-5 or older generation drives, thus creating a “greener” and more energy efficient solution?

In fact, LTO tape storage delivers the lowest-cost long term storage for archiving and retention, and offline storage to guard against detrimental ransomware attacks.

What about the LTO-8 storage capacity?

LTO-8 delivers the latest in tape technology innovation with more than 30TB* of compressed capacity and nearly 750 MB/s* transfer rates.

The eighth generation LTO leverages 12TB native capacity and 30TB of compressed capacity for considerably superior efficiency and overall performance, reducing the requirements of cartridges, devices, real estate and manual labor.

Even more so, with constant support of partitioning and making tape uncomplicated to manage, almost nothing beats LTO-8 for all your storage requirements.

Who Makes LTO-8 Tape?

HPE, IBM and Quantum are the three Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) that provide tape solutions. However, there are a number of companies including Fujifilm, Imation, Maxell, Sony, Spectra Logic, TDK and more, that are current LTO Format Specification Participants who provide LTO compatible products.

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Who Makes LTO-8 Tape Drives?

In short, everyone. The tape drives we use today are comprised of several different components that are manufactured by multiple sources. However, all three TPC’s (HPE, IBM, and Quantum) contribute to the technology and intellectual properties that make the drives

Collaboration amongst manufacturers in the storage industry, has led to joined resources. For LTO-8 tape specifically, it is up to IBM to put those joined forces together as the other LTO providers test and integrate the drives.


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