Vital infrastructure costs: How SITAD can salvage your budget.

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Vital infrastructure costs: How SITAD can salvage your budget.

Infrastructure management including secure IT asset disposition (SITAD) can help you capitalize on value at every step of your investment.

Recently, I was scrolling through e-waste forums in the Reddit community and came across an interesting inquiry. 

One Redditor had posted a question, “How do you dispose of old hard drives?” 

There were a number of responses to this request, some more honest than others. Anything from target practice, destroy them with a hammer, to drill a hole in them and throw them off a cliff. 

I’m assuming most of those comments were made in good humor. If not, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get money back for their surplus and used IT equipment.

Not only is the DYI method of destroying old hard drives wasting money, but extremely careless in terms of data security. 

Not thoroughly eradicating all of the data can land any business in a fight with legal repercussions, a threat to their brand and integrity, and a large financial impact of a security breach.

It is paramount that any organization, no matter the size, find a secure IT asset disposition (SITAD) partner that can handle your company’s needs, at scale, anywhere they are located in the world. 

It is essential to find a SITAD provider that not only offers data sanitization and destruction services that protect your company’s honesty and privacy, but one that handles your gear in an environmentally responsible way as well. 

The benefits of a proper SITAD partner can save your company headaches and tons of money in the long run.

Consider this, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), dumpster diving for incorrectly disposed storage assets is a major source of illegal information that puts businesses and clients at risk.

 But when asset retirement and data destruction are done correctly, your organization’s data integrity is safe, your budget improves, and most of all you can sleep at night knowing you have peace of mind.

A Responsible SITAD Partner

A responsible SITAD partner should provide data wiping and data destruction services to certify your company’s confidential information is protected, providing maximum value for your assets. 

Unfortunately, appropriate and environmental IT asset disposition services are no longer an amenity; they’re a requirement.

According to a report by Gartner“ITAD services providers have become an important link to the overall life cycle management of IT equipment. However, infrastructure and operations leaders who manage IT asset disposition continue to struggle with two big categories of ITAD risk: data security [thorough data sanitization of all data-bearing assets] and proper environmental recycling.”

Rethink Your Asset Life Cycle

Asset life cycle management is the obligation your organization has to capitalize on value at every step of your technology investment. 

It is also the way your business reconsiders how to build, maintain, support, and upgrade your technology infrastructure. 

When viewing technology and IT assets as a life cycle investment, it’s much easier to generate a plan for success every time.

The ultimate goal is learning new and innovative ways to recuperate value at every step of the journey — without losing out on quality or peace of mind. 

Complete asset life cycle supervision is a smart way to become more resourceful, and practical at recovering your budget throughout the life of your technology infrastructure.

With an honest asset strategy, any organization can change course on how they approach each IT project and rethink the potential of what your It assets can do for you and your company.


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