AUGUST 7,2009

Attn: Mike Kinsley
9033 Ninth Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Dear Mike, I wanted to extend a “Thank You!” to the DTC team.

For two years, we have relied on DTC to support our data destruction needs. As a financial institution, we store confidential personal data and financial transaction information on our computers and removable media. We strive to not only maintain regulatory compliance, but to also protect our membership in ways the regulators may not yet require. We look for solutions to protect information when it comes into our organization, while it is stored on our systems, and after those systems are retired from service. Therefore, we look for business partners that appreciate our objectives and can provide quality service at a fair price.

Each time we have performed data destruction with DTC, I have come on-site to observe the process and ensure that everything in inventory is accounted for. Your team is consistently helpful, committed to performing the work as planned, and they get the job done on schedule. Your office staff, technicians, and management team are always willing to support our needs. Please do not hesitate to use Western as a reference with other customers.

We look forward to using your services for years to come.

Information Security Officer
Western Federal Credit Union


What Our Customers Think

We had a box of tapes (new and old) and we were looking for a buyer. DTC quickly gave an offer, sent us a shipping label to use, and a while later, we received a check. The process was very easy. We have since used them a couple more times as we found more inventory.
Texas First Bank
When we decided to upgrade our tapes from JA to JB – DTC worked with us in not only providing us the proper data destruction documents but also giving us the best quote and services, for the trade of old tapes in return to the new ones.  DTC has always provided a prompt and reliable service to us.
The WEBUY buyback process for us was very simple, A phone call and email to your office with a list of what we had to sell is really all it took... I packed the new / used equipment and shipped them to you.... a few weeks later we had a check.Thank you again for helping us recycle!
Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation
We have had nothing but good service when dealing with DTC. Prices quoted are the prices we receive. Paper work is always in order. Emails & phone call are always returned.
Certification Services
WEBUY purchased over $7000 of used equipment from us. The processes and people are very helpful, professional, and reliable.
DBS Satellite Services, Israel