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Ins and Outs of Offsite Data Backup

The Ins and Outs of Offsite Data Backup Does your business maintain and operate a high-level enterprise data center? If so, then you…
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tape storage market

Tape Storage Market

It’s no surprise to anyone that tape storage has been around for so long. But how has it stood the test of time…
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Storage Media explained

Storage Media Explained

LTO-6 and Storage Media Explained In 2012, storage media and drive companies began distribution of the sixth generation of linear-tape open (LTO) technology,…
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advantages of LTO-7

Understanding the Advantages of LTO-7

With massive amounts of information being created every minute —and no signs of slowing down — the LTO-7 Ultrium tape was developed to offer data…
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know about lto 8

What You Need to Know About LTO-8

Everything You Need to Know About LTO-8 We are currently in the midst of an exciting time in the world of storage media!…
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tape changing data centers

How Tape Storage is Changing Data Centers as We Know Them

As the advancements in cloud computing continue to rise, many have come to believe that the so-called “archaic” methods of tape storage are…
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Tape Isn’t Dead Yet

The Three Main Reasons Tape Storage Will Never Die No one is arguing the fact that disk storage has multiple advantages for backing…
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6 Acronyms Save Data Storage Budgets

6 proven acronyms that record storage and data backup managers can use to reduce labor and increase revenue Here are the top 6…
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