Recycling Data Tapes

Recoup assets with an environmentally green solution.

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Data Tape Recyclers

Often companies use mobile shredding services or degauss and dispose methods for disposing of used magnetic media. While secure, these methods are a strain on the environment and do not provide your company with the value of the used tapes. Due to various security issues your company may be reluctant to recycle your media, and regain the value that it holds.

We Buy Used Tape has earned a solid reputation as a highly secure and respected media recycler. When recycling your media with We Buy Used Tape you are utilizing an economically sensible and environmentally responsible solution.

How to Recycle Data Tapes

  1. Submit your list of media via our Media Submission Page.
  2. Receive your confidential, no obligation offer within 24 hours.
  3. We will handle the paperwork and make shipping arrangements with you.
  4. Ship your media to us.
  5. Our secure facility and trained professionals will handle all receiving, data eradication, and documentation.
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Why Recycle Magnetic Media?

  • Recoup Assets
  • Regulatory Conformity
  • Secure Disposal
  • Environmentally Green Solution
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Stay Compliant

We provide years of experience in Secure Data Eradication: Your compliance issues are met by our Media Buy Back and Data Eradication processes: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act, Computer Security Act, and Sarbanes Oxley regulations as well as D.O.D. (Department of Defense) standards for data destruction.

Ensure Data Security

We Buy Used Tape offers many layers of data security. From pick up to certification your data is protected throughout the process. We utilize scan in and scan out methods when the tape reaches our secure facility, inventorying and tracking each and every tape. The tapes are then transferred to our secure on-site labs where they undergo data eradication procedures specific to each tape format which ensure the eradication of your data.

We do not outsource our data destruction. The tapes are handled in our secure facility during the entire data eradication process. Certified tapes have been independently tested against new tapes and have been found to share the same industry standards as new tape. You will also be provided with a certificate of data destruction which provides you in writing with a detailed inventory of the tapes we received and our written guarantee that your data has been completely eradicated and is unrecoverable.