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Our equipment buy back program is dedicated to purchasing used magnetic media storage and IT equipment. We use the highest standards to ensure you get the greatest return your used equipment.

With the current pace of hardware evolution most companies are upgrading their systems every two years. This leads to a lot of surplus electronic equipment. As the leading data storage buyer for many years, We Buy Used Tape has the experience and resources to get you the most for your used magnetic tapes and IT equipment.

We guarantee your data is safe from start to finish. For any item that served as data storage medium we maintain a chain of custody and completely eradicate all data using multi pass degaussing equipment. A certificate of data destruction is issued upon completion.

Here's How It Works

  1. Submit your List – Submit a list of equipment you want to sell.
  2. Receive and Offer – Our IT equipment experts will send you a confidential, no obligation offer based on the list you sent.
  3. Free Shipping – We will take care of all shipping and logistics form start to finish.
  4. Inspection – We receive and verify your equipment at our 24 hour secure location.
  5. Data Destruction – If needed, we can securely destroy all data on the equipment with certificate of data destruction available upon request.
  6. Get Paid – Receive cash or credit towards you next IT equipment or data storage upgrade.
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The Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your IT Equipment

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Benefits of Selling Your Equipment

Help Your Company – Help your company by turning an unused asset into cash that can be offered on the spot or transferred as a credit toward new equipment.

Help the Environment – Help the environment by properly disposing of and recycling old equipment. Equipment that has value will be refurbished and resold. For equipment that has little or no cash value we responsibly dispose and/or recycle as the need dictates.

Help Yourself – Help yourself by reducing your workload and removing unused equipment from your storage spaces. Let us do all the work for you as our experienced team makes the buy-back process hassle free.

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