Sony LTO 6

sony lto 6

Sony LTO 6 Ultrium Tape Media Cartridge: 2.5TB Native - 6.25TB Compressed
Part # LTX2500G

  • Sony LTO6 Data Cartridge
  • Part # LTX2500G
  • Sony LTO-6 Cleaning Catridge: LTXCL

Sony LTO Ultrium 6 Tape cartridges deliver a storage capacity of 2.5 TB native and up to 6.25 TB compressed, with speedy transfer rates of 160 MB/s native to 400MB/s compressed. The Sony LTO6 Ultrium tape is produced with refined magnetic particles and a higher thermal stability binder in order to maximize performance.

Sony LTO-6 Features

  • Ideal to back up, restore and archive large applications 
    Enhanced reliability and performance thanks to new technology innovations 
    Doubled capacity of the noncontact IC Memory: 16KB (2X the capacity of prior generation)
    Partitioning functionality capabilities that help enhance file control and space management 
    The ideal solution for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels 

Sony LTO-6 Tape Specifications

  • Sony LTO6 tape capacity: Up to 2.5TB native and up to 6.25TB compressed
  • Sony LTO6 Transfer Rate: Up to 160MB/s native, 400MB/s compressed 
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Solution Help address todays tough regulatory and compliance needs with a write once read many data cartridge
sony lto 6
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