IBM LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Media Cartridge: 2.5TB Native - 6.25TB Compressed
Part # 00V7590

  • IBM LTO6 Data Cartridge
  • Part # 00V7590
  • Compatible with IBM TS2270 Tape Drive

IBM LTO 6 Ultrium has a high capacity of 2.5 TB native and 6.25 TB compressed with (2.5:1 compression). IBM LTO Ultrium 6 tape cartridge is the highest capacity tape media designed for high dependability and long lifespan of up to 30 years! The key features of the IBM LTO-6 tape drive are designed to improve performance and capabilities.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss

Facilitate remote, offline data storage for superior protection from natural or man-made threats with tape cartridge portability. Comply with regulatory requirements and preserve stakeholder trust by protecting data from unauthorized access and unintentional loss. Tape cartridge portability facilitates remote, off line data storage for protection from natural or manmade threats that can impact online or onsite data storage. IBM LTO Ultrium 6 data cartridges are compatible with LTO Ultrium 6 tape drives, offering device-level data encryption to ensure data privacy and reduce data corruption risk from virus or sabotage.

Improve Data Access

Search and retrieve data files with directory tree and drag-and-drop, reduce or eliminate software licensing costs and dependencies for data retrieval from tape with IBM Spectrum Archive support.

Safer Data Storage Investment

Adhere to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 standard for compatibility with LTO Ultrium 6 vendors’ tape drive and automation product. Reduce investment risk with open standards-based tape technology.

IBM LTO 6 Specs and Features

  • Transfer rate of up to 160 MB/s
    IBM LTO 6 tape capacity: 2.5 TB native and 6.25 TB compressed
    The data compression engine improvements: data compresses at 2.5:1
    Faster tape drive mechanismSupport for 8Gb FC and 6Gb SAS connectivity
    Cache buffer: 1024MB (full height models) and 512MB (half height models)
ibm lto 6 tape drive