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HP LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Media Cartridge: 2.5TB Native - 6.25TB Compressed Capacity Part # C7976A

  • HP LTO6 Data Cartridge
  • Part # C7976A​
  • HP LTO 6 Ultrium 6250 Tape Drive

HP LTO-6 Ultrium cartridges offer high storage density, effortlessness management, scalable storage, and backup performance. HP LTO 6 tape media stores up to 6.25 TB compressed with transfer speeds up to 1.4 TB/hr. HP LTO 6 Ultrium Linear Tape File System makes using tape as easy, flexible, portable and intuitive as using any other removable media.

HP LTO-6 Performance

HP LTO-6 Ultrium data cartridge has the ability to read or write data at a blazing 1.4 TB/hour, storing, encrypting and protecting up to 3 TB on a single cartridge. These industry leading features make HP LTO 6 tape a vital piece to the large-scale, mission-critical IT puzzle. Also, a 70% increase in the number of tracks has increased the bit density, allowing more data to be recorded in the same amount of tape. LTO 6 Ultrium cartridge memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring.

HP Ultrium LTO 6 Reliability

HP brand qualification test procedures go above and beyond what is essential for the LTO Ultrium logo, ensuring supreme reliability for backing up vital data. HP Ultrium LTO 6  cartridges offer up to 30 years archival life, warranting businesses can meet demands and regulations of data preservation.

HP LTO Ultrium 6 Security

Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) version provides tamperproof, compliant data storage. Data encryption for enhanced data security in compliance with FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards

HP LTO 6 Tape Value

HP LTO Ultrium 6 offers the capacity to meet minimal backup windows, AES 256-bit encryption (IEEE1619.1), and interchangeable RW or WORM media; without any additional real estate or operating costs

Data Sheet

HP LTO-6 Tape Specifications

  • HP LTO 6 tape capacity: Up to 2.5TB native and up to 6.25TB compressed
  • HP LTO 6 Transfer Rate: Up to 1.4 TB/hr for faster backup and enhanced cost efficiency
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Solution Help address todays tough regulatory and compliance needs with a write once read many data cartridge
hp lto 6 tape drive