Fuji LTO 6

FujiFilm LTO 6

Fuji LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Media Cartridge: 2.5TB Native - 6.25TB Compressed Part # 16310732

  • Fuji LTO6 Data Cartridge
  • Part # 16310732
  • Manufactured by FujiFilm

Fuji LTO-6 Ultrium tapes are the first in the world to be produced with Barium Ferrite magnetic particles. The LTO 6 data storage also uses Fujifilm’s core NANOCUBIC technology for a thin and consistently coated magnetic layer. The Fuji LTO Ultrium 6 cartridge delivers a compressed (2.5x) storage capacity of 6.25TB with a transfer rate of up to 400 megabytes per second. Additionally, Fuji LTO 6 cartridges have an extensive storage lifespan of over 30 years, showing good performance when used with older drives that have aged from repeated use.

Fuji LTO 6 Features

  • High capacity and amazing transfer rates
  • Dual partitioning capability
  • LTFS feature in LTFS enabled drives & systems
  • Enhanced durability
  • Encrypted for security
  • Made possible by Fujifilm Barium Ferrite using our NANOCUBIC Technology

Fuji Ultrium LTO 6 Specifications

  • Fuji LTO-6 tape capacity: 6.25TB (Compressed) / 2.5TB (Native)
  • Fuji LTO-6 Transfer Rate: 400MB/second (Compressed); 160MB/second (Native)

Data Sheet

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