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What is MLR SLR Tape?

Scalable Linear Recording (SLR) Data Tape Cartridges are based on linear technology and creates a new length to data cartridge tape drives. Massive improvements in recording speed and capacity are possible when using multiple write and read channels in parallel for data tape recording.

How Do I Sell MLR/SLR Tape?

We heard you asking, “How do I sell my MLR SLR tape?” So, we came running. We make the MLR SLR buying process effortless so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

  1. Send an asset list containing: Brand, Quantity and Condition of your tapes.
  2. Our Data Supply specialists will quickly audit your 4mm tapes and respond with an offer
  3. We will handle the cost of logistics including, sending labels, trucks and other security needs.
  4. Once your tape hits our secure facility we will inspect product and erase 100% of data.
  5. Certificate of data destruction will be provided along with payment.
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The Technology and Innovation That Keeps Magnetic Tape Alive

The science behind today’s tape technology.

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MLR SLR Tapes We Purchase

We Buy Used Tape buys new or used magnetic tapes by all popular manufacturers including IBM, Imation, Sony, and Tandberg. Use below chart for types of 4mm tapes we purchase regularly or submit your own list for a quote.

Part # Manufacturer Description
46157 IMATION DC 6250 250MB TAPE
QD6250 SONY DC 6250 250MB TAPE
46156 IMATION DC 6525 525MB Tape
87693 VERBATIM DC 6525 525MB Tape
199810 MAXELL DC 6525 525MB Tape
QD6525 SONY DC 6525 525MB Tape
16G8436 IBM DC 9250 SLR-4 Tape 2.5GB
QD9250 SONY DC 9250 SLR-4 Tape 2.5GB
45640 IMATION DC MLR-1 Tape 13/26GB
91685 VERBATIM DC MLR-1 Tape 13/26GB
16G8574 IBM DC MLR-1 Tape 13/26GB
11892 IMATION DC MLR-1 Tape 16/32GB SLR-32
59H4175 IBM DC MLR-1 Tape 16/32GB SLR-32
41069 IMATION DC SLR-100 Tape 50/100GB
431891 TANDBERG DC SLR-100 Tape 50/100GB
35L0661 IBM DC SLR-100 Tape 50/100GB
35L0968 IBM DC SLR-100 Tape 50/100GB
11864 IMATION DC SLR-5 Tape 4/8GB
431581 TANDBERG DC SLR-5 Tape 4/8GB
59H3660 IBM DC SLR-5 Tape 4/8GB
432294 TANDBERG DC SLR-7 Tape 20/40GB
41461 IMATION DC SLR-7 Tape 20/40GB
12096 IMATION DC SLR-50 Tape 25/50GB MLR-3
431647 TANDBERG DC SLR-50 Tape 25/50GB MLR-3
59H4128 IBM DC SLR-50 Tape 25/50GB MLR-3
41115 IMATION DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB
432188 TANDBERG DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB
19P42509 IBM DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB
16838 IMATION DC SLR-75 Tape 38/75GB
432746 TANDBERG DC SLR-75 Tape 38/75GB
24R0416 IBM DC SLR-75 Tape 38/75GB