Tandberg SLR

Tandberg slr

Tandberg SLR Data Tape Cartridge: 16GB/32GB

  • Tandberg SLR Data Tape Cartridge
  • Part Number: 56782, 56781, 431581
  • Compatible with Tandberg SLR Tape Drive


The Tandberg SLR 5.25-inch half height tape drives offer high capacity and performance at a very competitive total cost of ownership. The highly reliable SLR technology platform has gained industry recognition for its quality and reliability. The standard 5.25-inch half height form-factor allows for easy installation and integration into most PC servers and workstations.

Tandberg SLR Series is backwards compatible, allowing SLR customers to migrate from lower to higher performance and capacity while protecting their investments. SLR drives offer many enterprise level features such as ‘Auto Sense’ which allows the tape drives to receive data from the host at variable transfer rates for optimal performance on slower buses. The Tandberg SLR also offers in-line data compression, which provides an effective compression method that maximizes system performance. The SLR media management utility, built into the drive’s firmware, monitors the drive and media performance and provides the user with valuable preventive maintenance information.

The Tandberg SLR drives are available in internal and external configurations and as complete turnkey solutions, including backup software. The 5.25-inch half height form factor provides easy installation in a half height bay in most PC servers and workstations. The Ultra 2 Wide/LVD/SE SCSI interface allows for installation in both LVD and single ended systems. The SLR Series is compatible with all major operation systems, third party software applications and PC platforms. The Tandberg SLR tape drives protects your tape storage investments by offering one of the most reliable, scalable and backwards compatible tape technologies available.

Tandberg SLR Features

  • Reliability: Built on Tandberg Data’s extensive experience in TM magnetic recording. TapeAlert and Media Management offer preventative maintenance and low failure rates.
  • Investment Protection: Backward read and write compatibility allows customers to migrate to higher performance and capacity whilst protecting investments
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Leading reliability with failure rates below 1.5%, lowering total cost of ownership
  • Trusted Platform: Broad platform, operation systems and 3rd party tape application support.

Data Sheet

Tandberg SLR Specifications

  • Type: SLR7, 75, 100 and 140
  • Capacity: Up to 140 GB compressed
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 43 GB/HR compressed
  • Ultra LVD/SE interface
  • Tape Alert and Media Management
  • Auto Sense transfer rates
  • Backward read and write compatibility
Tandberg slr
mlr slr drive