IBM MLR1 SLR32 Tape Cartridge: 16GB/32GB

  • IBM MLR1 SLR32 Data Tape Cartridge
  • Part Number: 59H4175
  • IBM SLR/MLR Cleaning Cartridge 35L0844

IBM offers a complete line of storage media products to support applications ranging from PC desktop to enterprise-wide mainframe libraries. Count on IBM’s data tape cartridges, optical disks, diskettes and cleaning tape cartridges to dependably archive, organize, share, back up your system files and prevent your drive from failure. With IBM media you are always sure that your data is safe and secure!

IBM MLR-1 / SLR-32 Features

  • Advanced mirror optics ensure beginning of tape (BOT) and end of tape (EOT) recognition
  • Available in rewritable and write once, read many (WORM) cartridge models
  • Advanced media-binder process delivers a smooth operation
  • Stringent wheel-pin perpendicularity specification for smooth operation and fewer re-reads 
  • Servo writing allows accurate readability

Data Sheet

IBM SLR/MLR Cleaning Cartridge 35L0844

IBM QIC format MLR/SLR data tape cartridges and cleaning tape cartridges are precision-manufactured to tight specifications, assuring consistent high quality and reliability. All IBM media products reflect the high standards of a leader in media and storage-drive technology. As a Total Storage Solution Provider, IBM developed many of the storage technologies used today-and we continue to set media standards. IBM quality, support and performance certification combine to make IBM a media value leader in QIC format storage products.

IBM MLR Cleaning Cartridge Specs

  • Type: IBM Dry process cleaning cartridge – SLR
  • Tape Cartridge: SLR tape Cleaning Cartridge
  • Part Number: 35L0844
  • Manufacturer: IBM
  • Manufacturer Part No: 35L0844
ibm mlr1 slr32
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