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 About Dell LTO4

Dell LTO Ultrium 4 media cartridges hold up to 1600GB or 1.6TB of capacity with transfer speeds up to 240 MB/second (based on a 2:1 compression rate). Significantly reducing the number of tapes that must be managed and data transfer time.

Dell LTO4 Performance

The 800 GB/1.6 TB Tape Media for LTO-4 120 Tape Drive from Dell is a high-performance, high-capacity tape storage device that is designed to back up, restore data, archive and retrieve files in an Open Systems environment. The LTO Ultrium cartridge memory chip delivers faster access time and enhanced media monitoring. Secure AES 256-bit encryption prevents unauthorized data access.

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LTO-4 also offer the user added data protection and security features. For customers with data compliance requirements, Dell LTO-4 offers write-once-read-many (WORM) technology. Data that is written to an LTO WORM cartridge in WORM format cannot be re-written or altered. Organizations that choose LTO-3 or LTO-4 tape for backups enjoy the added benefit of being able to use their cost-effective tape solution to meet government and industry requirements for unalterable archives of data.

Dell PowerVault LTO-4-120 tape drive utilizes a secret 256-bit key for data encryption, which is performed in the tape device after host data is received and compressed, at full line speed—no impact on throughput performance and no host-processor MIPS overhead. Device level encryption removes the need for costly and complex encryption software

Dell LTO4 Specifications

  • Dell LTO-4 tape capacity: Up to 800GB native and up to 1.6TB compressed
  • Dell LTO-4 Transfer Rate: Up to 240MB/sec for faster backup and enhanced cost efficiency
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Solution
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See the List of LTO4 Tapes We Purchase Below

Part # Manufacturer Description
26592 IMATION LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
183906 MAXELL LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
26247007 FUJI LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
003-4391-01 SUN LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
0YN156 DELL LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
95P4436 IBM LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
C7974A HP LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
MR-L4MQN-01 QUANTUM LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB