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Sell LTO4 Tapes

Have you or someone you know been wondering how to sell LTO4 tapes? That’s what we’re here for. Rather than building an inventory of surplus tapes around the workplace, We Buy Used Tape will help you sell LTO4 quickly and at fair market value. The largest organizations in the world rely on tape backup for archiving, disaster recovery, and even cloud backup as their data requirements grow exponentially.

How Do I Sell LTO4 Tapes?

  1. Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity, and Condition).
  2. Our data supply experts will audit your LTO4 tapes and make you a confidential , no obligation offer.
  3. We pay shipping! (Including labels, trucks, and other security measures).
  4. At our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data.
  6. Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment.
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  • LTO 4 capacity: 800 GB native and 1600GB compressed data
  • LTO 4 speed: 120 MBps native, 240 MBps compressed
  • WORM Capable: Yes
  • Encryption Capable:  Yes
  • Max number of Partitions: 1 (no partitioning)

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LTO4 Tape Storage

LTO Ultrium 4 media is designed to deliver excellent capacity and reliability at a lower cost per GB than other types of storage medium. LTO Ultrium 4 helps reduce the number of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor associated with tape-based storage. Additionally, it helps reduce the time associated with backup and restore operations by reducing the amount of cartridge handling, further lowering operational costs.

LTO4 Tapes We Purchase

We Buy Used Tape buys new or used magnetic tapes by all popular manufacturers. Use below chart for types of LTO4 tapes we purchase regularly or submit your own list for a quote.

Part # Manufacturer Description
26592 IMATION LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
183906 MAXELL LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
26247007 FUJI LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
003-4391-01 SUN LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
0YN156 DELL LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
95P4436 IBM LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
C7974A HP LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
MR-L4MQN-01 QUANTUM LTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB