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Have you or someone you know been wondering how to sell DLT tapes? That’s why we’re here. Rather than building an inventory of surplus DLT tapes that just take up space, We Buy Used Tape will help you sell DLT tapes quickly.

sell dlt tape

What is DLT Tape Backup?

The Digital Linear Tape (DLT) technology uses multi-linear track recording on industry-standard DLT IIIxt (15 GB) or DLT IV (20 GB) media. The DLT tape cartridge is a single spool cartridge and spools the tape to a second take up spool located inside of the drive. This DLT tape system is the real difference between DLT and other linear tape technologies.

What is DLT Tape Used For?

DLT Tape Drives use a linear serpentine method of recording data on tapes. This means that the drive heads record data to the metal particle tape in straight lines to the end of the track. Rather than rewinding the entire tape and commencing data recording from the beginning, the tape head drops to the second track and records from the end to the beginning. Thus the “serpentine” motion. This saves time because there is no need to wait for a DLT Tape drive to rewind the tape before continuing to record.

sell dlt tape

SDLT Tapes offer greater storage capacity and better performance than DLT Tapes. If you have DLT or SDLT tape that you are replacing or want to dispose of, please contact us today! We can give you cash for your obsolete and used tape!

How to Sell DLT Tape Storage

1.    Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity, and Condition)

2.    Our data supply experts will audit your DLT tapes and make an offer.

3.    We pay shipping! (Including labels, trucks, and other security needs.) 

4.    At our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.

5.    Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data. 

6.    Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment.

The below chart lists the types of DLT/SDLT tapes we purchase regularly. If you do not see your media here feel free to submit your list for a quote.

Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionWe Purchase
12919IMATIONDLT Cleaning Cartridgen/a
93253VERBATIMDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
183770MAXELLDLT Cleaning Cartridgen/a
26112090FUJIDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
59H3092IBMDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
C5142AHPDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
DL3CLSONYDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
THXHC02QUANTUMDLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
183670MAXELLDLT III Tape 10/20GBNew Only
26112085FUJIDLT III Tape 10/20GBNew Only
183570MAXELLDLT IIIXT Tape 15/30GBn/a
C5141AHPDLT IIIXT Tape 15/30GBn/a
11776IMATIONDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
183270MAXELLDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
26112088FUJIDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
59H3040IBMDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
C5141FHPDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
DL4TK88SONYDLT IV Tape 40/80GBn/a
184030MAXELLDLT S-4 Tape 800GB/1.6TBNew Only
003-4237-01SUNDLT S-4 Tape 800GB/1.6TBNew Only
MRS4MQN01QUANTUMDLT S-4 Tape 800GB/1.6TBNew Only
0X0938DELLDLT VS160 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
18P8924IBMDLT VS160 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
C8016AHPDLT VS160 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
DLTVS1CLSONYDLT VS160 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
MR-V1CQN-01QUANTUMDLT VS160 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
0P5639DELLDLT VS160 Tape 80/160, V4 160/320GBn/a
18P8923IBMDLT VS160 Tape 80/160, V4 160/320GBUsed Only
C8007AHPDLT VS160 Tape 80/160, V4 160/320GBNew and Used
DLTVS1160SONYDLT VS160 Tape 80/160, V4 160/320GBNew and Used
MRV1MQN01QUANTUMDLT VS160 Tape 80/160, V4 160/320GBNew Only
BHXHC-02QUANTUMDLT VS80 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
C7998AHPDLT VS80 Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
16332IMATIONSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
183710MAXELLSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
26300010FUJISuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
19P4357IBMSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
340-3349DELLSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
C7982AHPSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
MR-SACCL-01QUANTUMSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
SDLT-CLSONYSuper DLT Cleaning CartridgeNew Only
16260IMATIONSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBNew Only
183700MAXELLSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBn/a
188527COMPAQSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBn/a
26300001FUJISuper DLT Tape 160/320GBNew Only
340-7844DELLSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBNew Only
35L1119IBMSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBUsed Only
C7980AHPSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBNew Only
MRSAMCL01QUANTUMSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBn/a
SDLT1320SONYSuper DLT Tape 160/320GBn/a
16988IMATIONSuper DLT Tape II 300/600GBNew and Used
183715MAXELLSuper DLT Tape II 300/600GBn/a
26300201FUJISuper DLT Tape II 300/600GBNew Only
MRS2MQN01QUANTUMSuper DLT Tape II 300/600GBn/a
Q2020AHPSuper DLT Tape II 300/600GBNew and Used