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Ever thought, “How do I sell DDS4 DAT40 tape?” Well look no further, we’re here to help. Instead of building an inventory of surplus tapes around the workplace, We Buy Used Tape will help you sell DDS4 DAT40 quickly, for maximum market value. In fact, some of the largest organizations in the world rely on tape backup for archiving, disaster recovery, and even cloud backup as their data requirements grow exponentially.

DDS4 / DAT40 Specifications

  • DAT 40 capacity: Up to 40GB
  • DAT 40 speed: 3.2MB/s
  • Cartridge Life: 1,000 passes
  • Archival Storage Life:  30 years
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How Do I Sell DDS4 / DAT40?

We are looking to purchase new and used 4mm tape and tape storage. We Buy Used Tape offers complete chain-of-custody and secure data eradication in compliance with government and industry regulations. Maintaining data security is our number one priority in the data destruction process. We are currently buying a variety of  DDS4 / DAT40 backup tapes. Turn your surplus tapes into cash or credit towards new data center supplies.

  1. Send an asset list containing: Brand, Quantity and Condition of your tapes.
  2. Our Data Supply specialists will quickly audit your DDS4 / DAT40 tapes and respond with an offer
  3. We will handle the cost of logistics including, sending labels, trucks and other security needs.
  4. Once your tape hits our secure facility we will inspect product and erase 100% of data.
  5. Certificate of data destruction will be provided along with payment.
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What is DDS4 / DAT40?

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a format for storing computer data on a Digital Audio Tape (DAT). DDS is traditionally the most dependable and durable technology ever established within the tape market. DDS 4 Tapes are cost-effective backup technology. These tapes offer 40 GB capacities with transfer speeds of up to 3.2 MB/s.

DAT40 tapes balance value and performance with a variety of capacity, performance, and connectivity options. DDS4 tape technology continues to meet the needs of the small and midsize business market for reliable, cost-effective tape backup solution. DDS 4 / DAT40 the first choice for data protection for many small and medium businesses with low-end and mid-range servers and workstations.


DDS4 / DAT40 Tapes We Purchase

We Buy Used Tape buys new or used Magnetic Tapes by all popular manufacturers including Exabyte, Sony, and IBM. Use below chart for types of DDS4 / DAT40 tapes we purchase regularly or submit your own list for a quote.

Part Number
09W083 DELL 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
26047350 FUJI 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
C5718A HP 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
59H4456 IBM 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
40963 IMATION 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
DDS MAXELL 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
DGD150P SONY 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
DC4-150 TDK 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB
93829 VERBATIM 4mm 150m DDS-4 Tape Cartridge 20/40GB