Sony DDS7 DAT320

sont dds7 dat320

SONY DAT 320GB Data Cartridge 4mm
Part # DGDAT320

  • Sony 4mm Data Cartridge
  • Part # DGDAT320
  • 7th Generation DDS Technology

The amount of data created on daily basis continues to grow exponentially—and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. DAT-320 is ideal for entry-level and small networks looking for higher capacities with lower cost of ownership. DAT-320 is an affordable solution for unattended back ups.

Sony DDS7 / DAT320 Overview

Sudden data growth deepens the need for improved storage capacity. The Sony DAT-320 media portfolio offers a capacity of up to 320GB on a single cartridge. Using tape with a width of 8mm wide, a Sony DDS7 tape uses helical scanning for recording, the same process used by a video cassette recorder. If errors are present, the write heads have the unique ability to rewrite the data. However, backward compatibility between newer drives and older tapes is not assured. 

Sony DDS7 / DAT320 Features

  • Low cost of ownership and low media cost
  • Out of box to backup in less than 60 seconds
  • Future proof with 8-generation roadmap
  • Proven reliability MTBF of 125,000 hrs at 100% duty cycle
  • Write Once, Read Many (WORM) for regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced data protection with AES 256-bit Encryption

Tape Specifications

  • Tape Capacity: Up to 160GB native and up to 320GB compressed
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 24MB/s compressed or 86.4GB/hr
  • Cartridge Life: 2000 passes or 100 full backups
  • Storage Life: 30 years
sont dds7 dat320