Maxell DDS7 / DAT320

maxell dat 320

Maxell DAT 320GB Data Cartridge: DAT320 4mm
Part # 229325

  • Maxell 4mm Data Cartridge
  • Part # 229325
  • 7th Generation DDS Technology

Maxell DDS7 / DAT320 Features

High Storage Capacity

  • New metal evaporated tape with superior recording characteristics realizes the high storage capacity of 320GB in a compact size. The metal evaporated tape exhibits stable performance with high output and low error rate.

Superb Relaibility

A diamond-like protective layer, along with a strong wear resistant and high-performance lubricant coating, ensure superior tape durability and excellent reliability.

Efficient Offsite Storage

This removable tape media is available for data backup, data exchange and due to its compact size, it can be easily stored locally or stored off site as a disaster countermeasure.

Low Cost Backup Solution

Maxell DDS7 / DAT320 cartridges provide lower costs per GB as compared with other storage media and are very cost effective in backup operations and maintenance.

Tape Specifications

  • Tape Capacity: Up to 160GB native and up to 320GB compressed
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 24MB/s
  • Cartridge Life: 2000 passes or 100 backups
  • Storage Life: 30 years