ibm dat 320

IBM DAT 320GB Data Cartridge: DAT320 4mm
Part # 46C1936

  • IBM 4mm Data Cartridge
  • Part # 46C1936
  • 7th Generation DDS Technology

The amount of data created on daily basis continues to grow exponentially—and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. IBM DDS7 / DAT320 data cartridge is aimed at helping businesses protect and maintain more data for longer periods of time. IBM solution delivers more than double the storage capacity of previous generations for long-term data storage that provides security as it supports rapid, reliable access to data and helps ensure business resilience.

IBM DDS7 / DAT320 Performance

Store up to 160 GB on a single performance and single removable tape cartridge for greater efficiency and improved performance. It features backup speeds of up to 43GB /hr or 12 MB/sec native. IBM DAT 320 is the first hardware-based encryption capable DAT tape drive.

Affordability and Features

  • Low on-going cost of ownership with durable DAT media
  • Investment protection via an easy upgrade path
  • High Reliability/Durability
  • Assured read/write media compatibility
  • Interchange with DAT 160
  • Proven DAT track record
  • Allows higher density and capacity
  • Read/write compatible with DAT160 media

Tape Specifications

  • Tape Capacity: Up to 160GB native and up to 320GB compressed
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 12MB/s native and 43GB/hr
  • WORM Capable (Write Once Read Many) Solution Help address todays tough regulatory and compliance needs with a write once read many data cartridge
ibm dds7 / dat 320
ibm dat 320 tape drive