Imation DDS5 / DAT72

imation dds5 / dat72

Imation DDS5 / DAT72 4mm Tape Cartridge: 36GB Native - 72GB Compressed
Part # 17204

  • Imation DDS5 / DAT72 4mm Cartridge
  • Part # 17204
  • Compatible with DAT72 Tape Drive

Imation DAT 72 Data Cartridges address the growing needs small business users face to securely backup and protect their data. The DAT 72 format offers 72GB of compressed capacity (36GB native) and a 3MB/second transfer rate. DAT 72 Data Cartridges are designed exclusively for use in DAT 72 drives and libraries to provide 72GB compressed capacity.

Imation DDS5 / DAT72 Performance

Sudden data growth deepens the need for improved storage capacity. With our increasing dependency on digital data, the need for more storage capacity and security has never been so great. Building on the success and popularity of the 4mm DDS format, Imation DAT 72 is the logical next step for small and medium sized companies who have more business-critical data than ever to handle quickly and securely.


  • Achieve increased capacity
  • Ensure optimal data security
  • Support Imation Spectrum Archive
  • Meet stringent specifications
  • Choose between rewritable and write-once-read-many (WORM) models
  • Use custom, blank and RFID-embedded cartridge labels

Tape Specifications

  • Tape Capacity: Up to 36GB native and up to 72GB compressed
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 3MB/s 
  • WORM Capable (Write Once Read Many) Solution Help address todays tough regulatory and compliance needs with a write once read many data cartridge
imation dds5 / dat72