ibm dds5 / dat72

IBM DDS5 / DAT72 4mm Tape Cartridge: 36GB Native - 72GB Compressed
Part # 18P7912

  • IBM DDS5 / DAT72 4mm Tape Cartridge
  • Part # 18P7912
  • Compatible with DAT72 Tape Drive

The IBM DDS5 / DAT72 data cartridge delivers the backup needs of a very wide range of organizations and networks. As a DDS compliant drive with backwards read and write compatibility, the DAT72 tape cartridge offers customers real value with the balance of cost, capacity and performance that they need in backing up their data. With broad server hardware, backup software and operating system connectivity it is second to none in ensuring the customer has no need to worry about the security of their data.

IBM DDS5 / DAT72 Performance

IBM ensures the highest level of quality and performance with media specifications that far exceed industry standards. Backed by IBM’s thorough media qualification process, the C8010A IBM DAT 72 data cartridge, 72 GB (170m) supports the launch of the IBM DAT 72 tape drive. Extending the enduring popularity of the DDS format, IBM DAT 72 data cartridges offer stress free and straightforward backup. The new platform is capable of protecting nearly 11 GB/hour of data and storing up to 36 GB on one piece of IBM DAT 72 media (80% more capacity than DDS-4).

Features and Benefits

  • Increases capacity with 36 GB native storage on a single DDS format cartridge Built upon proven, reliable DDS technology Lowers the cost of ownership for small and medium sized organizations compared to AIT and DLT VS with superior cost per GB Reinforced by IBM’s unique media testing and qualification process for maximum reliability in backup and restore Blue cartridge shell for ease of identification in mixed media archives where older versions of DDS media may be in use

    Improved capacity: supports capacities up to 72 GB Value-for-money: better than DLT VS, AIT or SLR-60 Reliable: seamlessly evolves existing DDS technology Easy to use: no new learning for DDS-3 and DDS-4 users Distinctive: DAT 72 cartridges are blue for ease of recognition

    36 GB (native), 72 GB (2:1) Supports transfer speeds of 3 MB/s (native), 6 MB/s (2:1) Unique blue cartridge shell Compatible with all IBM and non-IBM DAT 72 tape products

Tape Specifications

  • Tape Capacity:Up to 36GB native and up to 72GB compressed (2:1)
  • Transfer Rate: Up to 3.2MB/sec
  • Enhanced data density with Helical scan technology
  • Durable HCL binder and stable low error rate assure excellent transport stability and outstanding reliability
ibm dds5 / dat72
ibm dat 72 drive