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Are you in charge of figuring out how to dispose of or even sell tape media for your company? Are you considering upgrading your data center to cloud storage? Does your organization have surplus data center equipment or magnetic tape media laying around?

Well, then why not make some money? It’s super easy to sell tape media storage and used data center supplies. If you’re thinking of making the leap to cloud storage, don’t trash your old equipment. We can help you sell tape media storage and data center equipment quickly and easily. There’s no longer a need to ask, “How do I sell tape media?”

How Can I Sell Tape Media?

  1. Submit your list of equipment (include: brand, part numbers, quantities, and condition)
  2. Our IT supply experts will audit your list of equipment and make you an offer
  3. We pay for shipping! (including: labels, transportation, and all security requirements)
  4. Upon receipt at our secured facility, your equipment is held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. You receive a check along with complete chain of custody and certificate of data destruction.
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Why Your Used Tapes Could be Worth More Than You Think

Find out how to turn your surplus tapes into cold hard cash.

Turn Your LTO Tapes Into Ca$h

Secure Data Destruction Upon Request

Let us know which option works best for you.

  1. Clear – quick-erase your tape media, write a random-fill/test pattern to the tape and certify it for reuse
  2. Purge – securely erase all data on the tape media and will certify the media for reuse.
  3. Destroy – completely degauss the tape media, ensuring that data is thoroughly eradicated.