Sell LTO 8 Tapes

What is LTO 8 Technology?

The LTO (Linear Tape Open) Ultrium 8 Tape highlights 65-years of industry research and development. 

Benefits of LTO 8 Tape

Capacity and Performance

LTO 8 doubles the volume form the previous LTO 7 tape drive to 30TB. The data drive has 30TB compressed and 12TB native. According to industry experts, the new tape drive has faster data access times as well, with speeds up to 360MB/s. The new LTO 8 is also backward compatible with LTO 7 data tape.

Cost of Ownership

While the price of disk is dropping, it still can’t beat tape in price per gigabyte. And the LTO-8 drives the price down even further. The cost of ownership per terabyte is the lowest of any type of storage. Most high-end tapes can store up to 15TB and can be held in third-party locations at a fraction of the cost of cheapest cloud-storage solutions.


Being a physical media that can be kept under lock and key provides one layer of security. However, beyond locking away cartridges when not in use, encryption and Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) functionalities are providing users with deeper levels of data protection.


Not satisfied with relying solely on security, tape engineers have also kept pace with performance. Tape data rates are expected to be as much as five times faster than hard disk drives by 2025. This is great news for users whose archives include data from the Internet and big data analytics. Moreover, the lifespan is in excess of 30 years as opposed to hard drives.

LTO: The Industry Standard for Tape Technology

LTO tape technology is the only open, non-proprietary tape technology. Interchangeability of tape media and drives is guaranteed from all LTO manufacturers to allow freedom of choice for end users.

lto 8

LTO-8 Specifications

LTO-8 Capacity: Up to 30 TB compressed 2.5:1 12 TB

LTO-8 Speed: Up to 900 MB/s compressed 360 MB/s

Data compression: SLDC (LTO data compression per ECMA-

LTO-8 cartridge: LTO-8 (rewritable) LTO-8 Cleaning cartridge: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (UCC)

Backwards Compatibility: Read/write LTO-7

Encryption: AES256-GCM (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)LTO-8 

How Can I Sell my LTO 8 tapes?

  1. Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity, and Condition).
  2. Our data supply experts will audit your LTO 8 tapes and make you a conmfidential , no obligation offer.
  3. We pay shipping! (Including labels, trucks, and other security measures).
  4. At our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data.
  6. Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment.