IBM Tape Libraries

ibm tape libraries

IBM Tape Libraries

  • Protect, access and manage data in entry, midrange and enterprise environments

IBM TS4500 Tape Library

IBM TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help midsized and large enterprises respond to cloud storage challenges including high data volume growth, increasing cost of storage, migrating data across vendor platforms, and the increased complexity of IT training and management.Maximum capacity with LTO-8 / TS1160: 278 PB / 351 PB Drive Type(s): LTO and/or TS1100 Maximum number of drives: 128

IBM TS4300 Tape Library

IBM TS4300 Tape Library is a high-density, highly scalable, easy-to-manage solution designed to keep data securely stored long-term, while helping reduce the costs associated with data center space and utilities. IBM TS4300 enhanced data protection helps meet security and compliance requirements.Maximum capacity with LTO-8: 3.36 PB Drive Type(s): LTO FH & HH Maximum number of drives: 21

IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader

The IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader is an entry-level automated backup for rack systems and small to midsize businesses. With a low-profile, high-density storage capacity, the TS2900 is ideally suited for backup and archival operations. The TS2900 can be used in a rack system or on a desktop next to a server in an office.Maximum capacity with LTO-8: 108 TB Drive Type(s): LTO HH SAS Maximum number of drives: 1