Sell IT Equipment

Find offers for Dell, Fuji, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, and TDK Tapes.

Network Switches

Find offers for Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Foundry/Brocade, Dell, HP Switches.


Find offers for HP, IBM, Sun Enterprise, Blade, and Rack-Mount Servers.

RAM Memory

Find offers on DDR3/DDR4/DDR5 Samsung, Hynix, HP, Lenovo, and IBM Memory.

Hard Drives, SSDs

Find offers for Dell, HP and IBM. We want to kow the capacity, form factor and RPMs. 


We Buy Used Tape buys a wide range of phones and VoIP networking equipment.

Disk Arrays

We buy all makes and models of used SAN storage and used NAS equipment

Virtual Tape Drives & Libraries

Find offers for Used Tape Drives & Used Tape Libraries

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Selling IT Equipment

Ever ask yourself, "How can I securely sell my Tape Media, Switches, Servers, Memory, Hard Drives, Phones, Disk Array and other IT equipment?" We Buy Used Tape is brand of DTC computer Supplies; a company whom offers complete chain-of-custody, secure data erasure and compliance with major information regulatory agencies. With the current pace of hardware evolution most companies are upgrading their systems every two years. This leads to a lot of surplus electronic equipment. As the leading storage tape buyer for many years, We Buy Used Tape has the experience and resources to get you the most for your used IT equipment. You can turn your excess IT Equipment into a straight cash buyout or credit towards new data center supplies. 

How to IT Equipment

  1. Send an asset list containing: Brand, Part Numbers, Quantities and Condition of your equipment.
  2. Our IT supply specialists will quickly audit your equipment and respond with an offer
  3. We will handle the cost of logistics including, sending labels, trucks and other security needs. 
  4. You receive prompt payment for your equipment according to the terms which we agreed to

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