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We Purchase IT Assets

Do you have a surplus of new or used IT equipment you’re looking to sell? Our IT experts and asset specialists are ready to review your inventory and contact you with a quote.

Our process is designed to inject revenue into your company’s business while providing many benefits, including:

  • Maximize return on the initial cost of equipment
  • Decrease cost of ownership
  • Eliminate cost of warehousing
  • Increase work space of onsite equipment

Our Process is Simple

  1. Submit your list of equipment (include: brand, part numbers, quantities, and condition)
  2. Our IT supply experts will audit your list of equipment and make you an offer
  3. We pay for shipping! (including: labels, transportation, and all security requirements)
  4. Upon receipt at our secured facility, your equipment is held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. You receive a check along with complete chain of custody and certificate of data destruction.
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Top 5 Reasons to Sell IT Equipment

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