Sell 3592 JJ Tapes

3592 JJ

Selling 3592 JJ Tapes

Ever thought, “How do I sell my 3592 JJ Tapes?” We make the process very easy. Just send us a quantity, part numbers and conditions. We will quickly get back to you with a cash offer.

What is 3592 JJ?

3592 JJ Tapes are cost-effective backup technology. Even now, the largest organizations in the world rely on tape backup for archiving, disaster recovery, and even cloud backup as their data requirements grow exponentially. These tapes offer 60 GB capacities with transfer speeds of up to 360 MB/s.

How to Sell 3592 JJ:

  1. Send an asset list containing: Brand, Quantity and Condition of your tapes.
  2. Our Data Supply specialists will quickly audit your 3592 JJ tapes and respond with an offer
  3. We will handle the cost of logistics including, sending labels, trucks and other security needs.
  4. Once your tape hits our secure facility we will inspect product and erase 100% of data.
  5. Certificate of data destruction will be provided along with payment.


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