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Selling 3592 Tape

We are looking to purchase new and used 3592 tape and tape storage. We are currently looking for 3592 JB, 3592 JD, 3592 JC, 3592 JA and 3592 JJ Tape. We Buy Used Tape is brand of DTC Computer Supplies; offering complete chain-of-custody and secure data eradication in compliance with major information governing agencies. Maintaining data security is our number one priority in the data destruction process. We are currently buying Fuji 3592, IBM 3592, and 3592 Cleaning Cartridges with 3592JB 2592JC and 3592JC having the most value. Turn your surplus 3592 tapes into cash or credit towards new data center supplies. 

Turn 3592 Tape into Cash or Credit Today

  1. Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity and Condition)
  2. Our data supply experts will audit your 3592 tapes and make you an offer.
  3. We pay shipping! (including labels, trucks, and other security needs.) 
  4. Upon receipt at our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data. 
  6. Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment. 

What is 3592 Tape?

The IBM 3592 is a series of tape backup alternatives, tape drives, and magnetic tape data storage media. The 3592 tape series can accumulate up to 10 TB of data (uncompressed) and has a data transfer rate of up to 360 MB/s. IBM 3592 tape cartridges come in three varieties, 3592JJ, 3592JA and 3592JB. All IBM 3592 tapes also are available in a WORM model. The 3592 tape is a ½” wide tape with an advanced magnetic coating. This property allows a high output and signal quality to support TS1120 and 3592 JLA Drives. The magnetic layer is less than 0.2 microns thick with a specially refined coating to improve media reliability and performance. Due to their speed, dependability, strength and low cost, 3592 tape drives remain in high demand.

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