9840_tape9840 tape is the only half inch tape to contain a base plate. This aluminum base plate enhances cartridge stability and enables precise alignment between head and tape to ensure reliable data reading and writing.

9840 Cartridges are designed to protect against damage due to impact such as when a cartridge is dropped. The dual reel design divides the weight evenly so that an impact is absorbed more evenly than single reel models. This combined with small crush pads allow for a stronger tape cartridge.

Advanced servo writing techniques enable 288 tracks to be written across the half inch wide tape. The advanced tape coating allows for greater amounts of information to be written to much smaller areas of 9840 tape.

Use this chart to see what types of 9840/9940 tapes we purchase regularly. Due to market environment our list may occasionally change so if you do not see your media here feel free to submit your list for a quote

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Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionWe PurchasePart Number
91270IMATION9840 20/40GBNew and Used91270
003-3822-01SUN9840 20/40GBNew and Used003-3822-01
90676IMATION9840 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew Only90676
003-3825-01SUN9840 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew Only003-3825-01
41333IMATION9940 60/240GBNew Only41333
003-3832-01SUN9940 60/240GBNew Only003-3832-01
41337IMATION9940 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew Only41337
003-3826-01SUN9940 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew Only003-3826-01

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