imation_3590_1803590 tape drive technology includes advanced Error Correction Code (ECC), servo track mechanisms, resident diagnostics, redundant parity checking, and read after write verification. 3590 Tape is supported for native attachment to Ultra SCSI, Fibre Channel, ESCON and FICON servers.

Features an uncompressed drive data rate of up to 14MB/second Uses 3590 extended length tape cartridge for up to 180GB of 3:1 compressed data per cartridge.

Use this chart to see what types of 3590 tapes we purchase regularly. Due to market environment our list may occasionally change so if you do not see your media here feel free to submit your list for a quote

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Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionWe Purchase
05H4435IBM3590 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY
43838IMATION3590 Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY
43832IMATION1/2 inch 3590 J 10/30GBNew and Used
05H4434IBM1/2 inch 3590 J 10/30GBNew and Used
05H3188IBM1/2 inch 3590e 'K' 20/60GB ExtendedNew and Used
40852IMATION1/2 inch 3590e 'K' 20/60GB ExtendedNew and Used

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