ait_tapeThe AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape ) format is Sony’s latest innovation in fast access high density tape recording technology.

AIT forms the basis of Sony’s new SDX series of tape drives and media. The ability to store large amounts of data and retrieve information quickly is critical in today’s applications. Tape storage and retrieval has been revolutionized by Sony’s award-winning Memory in Cassette (MIC architecture).

The MIC consists of a memory chip built into the data cartridge which holds the system’s log and other user-definable information. Applications that benefit from MIC’s capabilities include hierarchical storage management, video server, film editing and real-time data acquisition.

If you have AIT tape that you are replacing or want to dispose of, please contact us today! We can give you cash for your obsolete and used tape!

Use this chart to see what types of AIT tapes we purchase regularly. Due to market environment our list may occasionally change so if you do not see your media here feel free to submit your list for a quote

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Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionWe Purchase
19P4876IBM8mm V23 VXA 230m 80/160GB Tape CartridgeNew and Used
111.00121EXABYTE8mm V23 VXA 230m 80/160GB Tape CartridgeNew and Used
24R2137IBM8mm X23 VXA 230m 80/160GB Tape CartridgeNew and Used
111.00221EXABYTE8mm X23 VXA 230m 80/160GB Tape CartridgeNew and Used
111.00209EXABYTE8mm VXA Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY
111.00109EXABYTE8mm VXA Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY
24R2138IBM8mm VXA Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY

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