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media_3480A 3480 tape drive is an 18-track cartridge tape device which does not have the data compression feature.

A 3490 tape drive is an 18-track cartridge unit which has the data compression feature installed (with a few 36 track exceptions). A 3490E tape drive is a true 36-track cartridge unit. These tape drives actually write in 18-track mode down the entire length of a tape and then reverse to write again on a 2nd set of 18-tracks. This explains why rewind times can be very good for a full 36-track tape — it’s actually back at the physical load point even though it’s at the logical End-of- Tape (EOT).

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Use this chart to see what types of 3480/90 tapes we purchase regularly. Due to market environment our list may occasionally change so if you do not see your media here feel free to submit your list for a quote

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Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionWe Purchase
4780527IBM3480/3490e Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY
43112IMATION3480/3490e Tape Cleaning CartridgeNew ONLY

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