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LTO-9 Tape Technology

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Our LTO9 pre-purchase program allows anyone to pre-order LTO-9 tape technology before it is available. This the ninth generation of tape technology that delivers on the promise made by the LTO Consortium to develop LTO tape technology through at least 12 generations.

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We work with all businesses in efforts to upgrade their current data storage infrastructure. Do you have older data storage tapes that you are looking to retire when you upgrade? Sell those used tapes for cash or apply them towards your LTO-9 upgrade.

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LTO9 Tape Specifications

  • HP LTO9 tape capacity: Up to 18TB native and up to 45TB compressed at 2.5:1
  • HP LTO9 Transfer Rate: Up to 708MB/s native and 1770MB/s compressed
  • Data Compression: SLDC (LTO data compression per ECMA-321o
  • Interface: 8Gb/s Fibre Channel
  • Encryption: AES 256 (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)
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Top 5 Ways to Prepare for LTO9

Are you ready for the next generation of LTO storage technology?

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LTO9 Tape Uses

LTO features high capacity, durability and portability for a comparatively low cost.

Archived data storage is not normally needed on an immediate basis, making tape a solid backup option. More commonly, backup data is used for restores in the event of an incident or data loss.

LTO-9 tapes housed at an off-site location are a fantastic option for disaster recovery. If an organizations main data hub has an incident, they can use the durable LTO9 tapes to recover their data.

According to the LTO consortium, once data becomes less frequently retrieved, it should be migrated to tape.

Tape is particularly useful in industries such as entertainment and healthcare that generate large volumes of data every day and require a long-term data storage option that’s less expensive than disk.

As ransomware attacks stay in the headlines, tape provides an offline backup storage option immune to a cyber-attack. Data stored on an LTO-9 tape cartridge does not have to be connected to the network. This creates what is called an Airgap, and creates a safety net from a cyberattack.

In an endeavor to deliver our customers the latest technology on the market, we are offering pre orders of LTO-9 tape technology. This gives our customers the best opportunity to receive the latest generation of LTO tape as soon as it’s available. LTO-9 is expected to be available in Fall 2020.

LTO Ultrium Roadmap

LTO9 vs. LTO8

LTO9 (Linear Tape-Open 9) is the most recently released tape format from the Linear Tape-Open Consortium, following the LTO8 format which launched in 2017.

LTO-9 is expected to increase in capacity from LTO-8, to 45 TB compressed for LTO-9. LTO-8 provides 30 TB of compressed storage capacity and 12 TB of uncompressed capacity, doubling what LTO-7 offered.

Although, the LTO Consortium has not announced the data transfer rate for LTO-9 yet, LTO-8 features an uncompressed data transfer rate of up to 360 MBps and a compressed data transfer rate of up to 750 MBps.

LTO-9 has a similar structure to LTO-8 in that tape drives are backward-compatible with one generation. Essentially, the LTO-8 tapes can read and write to LTO-7 tapes. LTO had typically been able to read back two generations and write back one generation. However, in LTO-8 the backward reading compatibility is limited to one generation.

LTO-9 also features the same WORM, LTFS, and 256-bitencryption technology as the prior generation LTO-8.