Using eco-friendly tape storage solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

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Why storage solutions are important?

Storage solutions were introduced to store data. This has various advantages like saving space, time, and money. Technologies are updated to reduce the error rates and provide more security to the application, data, information, and software stored in the storage drive.

Many data are lost as they were written in pen and paper which also can’t be accessed but only be found. 

We are generating lots of data in a single day. What we do, what we are doing, what are our preferences are data to companies. Companies are generating data like movements, actions taken, any changes, and some bio of their personals. Any actions or changes taken by the government, any meetings attended by any person, and the conversation that occurred are data. Basically, data are records for future use.  

Data are needed for future decisions and researches. Companies require information from their users and potential users so that they can improve their products or service by keeping the data acquired by their users. People also want to use different applications and require service and for example, they sign up for their service or buy a certain item that gets recorded by the company.

The government also needs to have data about their citizens recorded to take action accordingly.

It is probably imaginable that millions of data are stored in many storage drives and not to forget those school, college, and presentation files which are also considered as data. 

Now, these data were recorded in real-time which means the data were recorded as soon as were created. Thus if the data is lost it will create havoc in that company. This is why cyber attackers are after the data of the company because the data is what holds the reason behind the company’s success. Hacking data of a company will also affect the reputation of the company proving that the company doesn’t have a security system and nobody wants personal data to be used for wrong purposes leading the company’s users to shift to another company. 

Cyber attackers’ motives can be asking for ransomware or to gain access to their data or just to tamper data.

Happily, storage solutions have secure solutions to them. These are the reasons why we need a storage solution as they come along with security features and are capable to store a large amount of data in less space thus having a storage solution is itself an eco-friendly solution for storage requirements. 

Further in the article, it is discussed what makes a tape storage solution an eco-friendly storage solution.

How tape storage solutions are eco-friendly?

Less expensive and compact.

Tape costs less per gigabyte compared to other types of drives. Tapes have a compact design due to which tapes require less area but are able to store more data, therefore, cutting down the costs required to store data. The tapes can be labeled which will help in easy maintenance and maintaining records. 


As tapes are capable to store data offline and stores data in an archive.

Durable and Reliable.

Tapes are sturdy making them less prone to damages. Magnetic tape is scalable therefore new tapes can be added and can be used with the same medium by adding tape drives into the tape library. Whereas disk storages require an additional medium to increase its scale and adds more cost to store data. 

Tape storage is reliable for 30 years compared to disk storage which only provides 5 years of reliability therefore it is clear that tapes are more reliable and eco-friendlier in terms of the life span of storage drives.

Tapes also have fewer error rates which make tapes more reliable and can be trusted to be used over years without the fear of data being altered unintentionally.

The ability to store data for such a long period of time allows the tape drives to double up as a backup storage solution and being able to store such a large amount of data will reduce the cost of the company and have less effect on the environment.

Consumes less energy.

Tapes anyway consume less energy when connected to a source of energy. To function, the tape needs to be connected to a source of energy, and tape is asked to perform a function its parts move but the tape has successfully completed the task it remains idle, unlike disk drives which continue to rotate even when not in use, therefore, consuming energy.

Due to this action, tapes drives generate less heat and disk drives generate more heat, and to cool down devices and technologies, HVAC is used. Now HVAC is required at a larger rate for disk drives therefore tape drives already consume less energy and generate less heat. This on the other hand affects the accounts of the company.

Continuous rotation of parts also makes them more easily and quickly prone to wear and tear and therefore leading to extra cost for maintenance of the disk drive. Also, not only disk drives but HVAC equipment are also continuously working and can also lead to quick wear and tear problems.

This is the main reason why consuming less energy allows the respective company to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Lesser the company’s devices consume energy, the lesser will be their carbon dioxide emission. 

What are CO2 emissions?

Carbon dioxide (CO2): Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil, solid waste, trees, and other biological materials when burnt cause certain chemical reactions such as during the manufacturing of cement. Carbon dioxide gets reduced in the atmosphere plants absorb the carbon dioxide as part of their biological carbon cycle. Therefore, we should plant more trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the environment.

It is not that we should aim for the extremely low percentage of carbon dioxide because as too much anything is not helpful so is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide helps in trapping heat which is necessary to keep the earth hospitable otherwise it will become extremely cold but too much of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases can cause global warming as well which is why we should be careful with our steps.

Following are the main reasons why CO2 emissions occur:

Transportation – Gasoline and diesel are used in vehicles. Today the transport sector is very much rising due to an increase in demand and supply chain between consumers and buyers. In the year 2019, the U.S. generated 35% of total CO2 emissions and belong to the 28% segment of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. This sector includes all types of vehicles whether used for private purposes, public purposes, business purposes, defense purposes, or rails or planes. 

Electricity – It is an important source of energy in any country used to power homes, businesses, and industries. Combustion of fossil fuel is required to generate electricity. In 2019, generating electricity was the second-largest source of CO2 emissions in the U.S., leading to 31 percent of total U.S. CO2 emissions and 24 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Different types of fossil fuels generate electricity but every fossil fuel has different amounts of CO2 and therefore emits varying amounts of CO2. If we try to generate the same amount of electricity by burning coal or natural gas or oil, burning coal will emit more CO2.

Industry – It requires energy to function and thus requires to consume fossil fuel. While acquiring minerals from the earth, carbon dioxide is emitted as a part of the process of extraction due to chemical reactions and not by any combustion. Apart from these they consume electricity as use fossil fuel and results in the emission of carbon dioxide.


Choosing eco-friendly technologies will also help in fulfilling the social responsibilities of a company.

Tape or any storage-related devices are not the only way to have an eco-friendly environment in the office. Solutions need to be taken out for other types of technologies and devices required by the company. Every company has different requirements therefore, every individual should list down their requirement first and then further shortlist devices. It is also not always necessary to acquire a technology just because it is in the market, sure it is better but we should rethink our decisions because sometimes the one which we are already using doesn’t need to be changed. 

To have an eco-friendly environment we must ensure that we dispose of the devices carefully and not randomly irrespective of what it is. We know that devices are made of metals, glass, plastics, and many chemicals which is why we need to hand them over to an e-waste vendor who sends the materials to metal scrap recycling industries through which the metals will be processed and sent to companies requiring metals. This way there will less emission of carbon dioxide while extraction of these minerals.

Devices can be reused as well and instead of breaking down can be helpful to those in need and even in the company itself by using it for minimal work.

It depends on us whether we choose to live in an eco-friendly environment or not.