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We all are widely familiar with recycling plastics and the importance of recycling plastics. Not only plastics but we should recycle anything we can but in a safe manner. A vast number of plastic products are produced every day. It is necessary to recycle plastics as they take a very long time to degrade with soil. Recycling is very essential and a useful process to reduce pollution as well. Almost everything that we buy either comes in wrapped in paper or plastic or sometimes both and at a time people buy a lot of these things in big numbers. Yes, it is an expense as well to buy products without these materials wrapped around them but we can at least try, or taking a small step would also make a difference. Products that we buy are either fully consumed in reference to food or cleaning agents etc., or the products are used till they are not functional. Electronic equipment used by large companies is one of the products that are used till they are no longer functional altogether. Sometimes, it is also necessary to upgrade our electronic gadgets or equipment to the ongoing trend or recent innovation to maintain speed with the world. Recycling tapes and other IT equipment benefits the company, its company’s users as when the company decides to recycle its equipment, they upgrade to a better version which thus provides a better service. As mentioned above, recycling helps the environment hence recycling tapes and other IT equipment will also benefit the environment.

Computers and their parts, storage devices, storage mediums are in high demand by everyday users which includes the general public, companies, and even government facilities. A large number of electronic equipment with chips are in demand, a large number of electronic equipment became obsolete as well.
Now, recycling can be said to be a great option to effectively manage a company. Recycling will help the company in various ways as well.


Why should you consider recycling IT equipment?

What happens when we recycle is that the used products are processed and a new product is produced. This way to produce a new product, the raw material which would have been required earlier or the processes which would have been necessary to procure the raw material would then be eliminated. This method will reduce the part where products are left to degrade by themselves and thus, creating a shortage of the product and creating pollution.

It can be said to be a social responsibility of companies to ensure that they fulfill their responsibility towards the environment and its natural habitats. This step is also necessary to prevent climate change.
To produce IT equipment, machines are used, heavy and large machines. These small units of equipment are produced in a large number of amounts due to the advancement of technology and huge demands by the companies who further manufacture the equipment required by the IT industry. Thus producing less of the small units of devices will conserve energy.

When we go to a recycling vendor, if the product to be recycled is in good condition, you can either sell at a lower price or if the item is damaged then you can sell some parts of it. This method will also help the company to reduce expenses.

The parts of computer or storage-related devices sometimes have harmful and toxic chemicals in them. There is also the chance of causing an electrical hazard if the obsolete equipment is not disposed of properly. Recycling is also a way through which the unwanted equipment of the company can be disposed of without causing any harm.

It is probably no longer hidden that even after the deletion of media or files, the same files or media can be accessed again. To prevent these, the vendor companies themselves sanitize the data so the previously stored data or files can no longer be accessed. If assets are not recycled, then they will remain inside the premises of the company and will consume more space which is also a risk. Since devices that are not required will be kept at a different place from the storage space of active devices, there will be a chance of theft since the non-using devices will be out of sight and out of mind.

After years of use, the devices are sometimes not properly functional or their parts such as tape drives are no longer available, that is when you would need to replace the existing device, and recycling the existing device will be helpful. Also, up-gradation to next or latest generation is necessary as latest generation devices are made according to the current requirement as per current security problems. As companies are trying to secure devices that hold very crucial information, cyber attackers are also coming up with ways to hack these devices and are also almost advanced like the security ideas.

Now recycling is a greater concern than ever because electronics are produced in large quantities and are dumped as quickly. These electronics when not disposed of properly end up in landfill sites.

How can IT equipment be recycled?

First, it would be better if the company first consults recycling vendors as there are different situations in different companies, one solution may not apply to every company. This is why it is better to have advice regarding the process of recycling, how the vendor will recycle, whether, the process is not against the policies or goals of the companies.

To recycle, ITAD or IT Asset Dispositions can be a great option since, in this the company which to recycle their assets, they give their assets to the ITAD vendors. ITAD vendors then sanitize the original or existing data with software or devices so that the previous data can’t be accessed and the company’s data will remain secure. In this method, ITAD remarkets the equipment in the secondary market. Since they already deal with this market, the ITAD vendor will be able to fetch a good amount for your device. They also maintain records while collecting devices from you and while selling them in the secondary market.

There is also another option where vendors buy the devices and recycle them. These vendors unlike ITAD doesn’t sell in the secondary market but in return, the vendor may either give money or maybe not.

The company can also choose to prefer a media destruction vendor which destroys the device. This option is suitable who don’t feel secure remarketing them. By this method, you can either choose to watch the whole process of destruction right before you or through a video. After the destruction, the remaining units are then recycled.

The computer can also choose to return the devices to their manufacturers like HP, Dell.

The products can also be recycled by de-manufacturing them. In this parts of the device are safely separated and then collectively used to produce a different such collecting, metals and then melting them together to produce a bigger size of the extracted metal.

It is not possible that the vendor will completely recycle every part of the device but ask the vendor in advance how would they eliminate the remaining unrecyclable parts of the product.

Before moving forward with recycling, the company must ensure the method of recycling and should also enquire about the parts which can’t be recycled from the recycling vendor.

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The company may not require to receive the advantages of reduced costs but saving the environment can always be selected if there is an option for it because that way it is not anyone.

Also, it is not necessary that just because the equipment no longer serves its purpose, it should be sent for recycling instead try if the same equipment can be used in some other way or can be used to store some other less important information or to use it where it won’t be used as much if the equipment is in a good condition i.e., reuse. You can also further reduce your cost at the beginning while buying IT equipment. The at the beginning while buying a computer and its accessories. The company can selectively purchase what is required and calculate requirements as close as possible. If possible, calculate its longevity while purchasing IT equipment to have a better value per item.
Now recycling or reusing of the equipment has become necessary since some government releases guidelines to dispose of e-waste from companies which if are not adhered to then the company will need to pay a fine. Recycling can be said to be the best way to reduce e-waste.

Several companies are at their initial stages or don’t have enough funds to buy or upgrade their required devices. Recycling will help those companies to advance their services and perform better by purchasing IT equipment at low rates compared to first-hand items. Donating the devices will not only help companies but people who are in need.