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What is Storage Media Destruction?

Storage media destruction is shredding of the storing devices to secure confidentiality and ensure no data leakage. You give your media devices and they shred the devices for you, either on your premises or theirs. It is used by several banks and financial institutions.

What is Onsite Data Destruction?

Onsite storage media destruction is destructing the storing devices like CD, hard drive, pen drives, etc. right in front of you. The shredding will be done in a vehicle sent to your location by the shredding company. The vehicle has an in-built shredder to perform the task.

What is Offsite Data Destruction?

Whereas in offsite shredding, all the devices that are required to be shredded are taken to the location of their company and shredded by an industrial shredder. Documentation of every device is done, video of shredding can be shared upon request. Also, it involves the documents to be transferred from one person to another.

Why do we need to shred storage devices?

There is rapid development in technologies, new innovations are coming every day. Though these changes are made for the benefit of people, few people are using or manipulating the use of these developments and creating harassment to people, even nations also receive a great threat. Widely what happens is that although we think we have deleted the data from the devices still with the help of increasing technical knowledge the data can be retrieved again. Now even if we think we have deleted the data from the devices and even from the recycle bin, the data can be retrieved. This is why it is advised to shred the devices altogether through the help of an onsite or offsite shredder who will ensure that the data cannot be retrieved from the device and you will not risk your privacy.

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Onsite data destruction vs offsite data destruction

Comparing, onsite shredding with offsite shredding, onsite can be said to be more secure since the shredding is done in the automobile of the company at your location and most importantly right in front of you. Instead of the devices being transferred from one person to the other person before, the data devices will be in front of you and the whole process will be done in front of you where you can see how your devices are handled. We, humans, are more satisfied when we see something through our eyes, similarly, with onsite shredding process, it will give more mental satisfaction compared to offsite shredding. Though offsite may share the shredding process but will it be sharing the video of the whole process from collection to shredding? 

Everything has its own drawback, similarly onsite shredding facility has too. In order to have storage media destruction right in front of you, you need to designate an area for the shredding to happen. Also, the shredding will also create some noise while in the process so it needs to be taken care of too. Since it would be done on your premises, somebody will be required to watch over the process and tidy the area. Since the demand for media shredding is increasing, the availability of onsite can be a problem. To solve the issue of having the vehicles when required, if the company allows booking then it will add to the bill, and also it will be costlier compared to an offsite shredding facility.

Do you need Storage Media Destruction?

Despite its pro and cons, shredding also helps in recycling the devices. Instead of just leaving the device in the dustbin take a step further to secure you and your world. When you give these devices to the company they not only destroy your device but they recycle the device, they make it into e-waste. Through this, it will be a safer way to dispose this waste and save the surroundings.

Lastly, whether you choose the onsite or offsite shredding, shredding is better than keeping it and stacking it in the office premises or at home to hide it. Shredding will help you in keeping safe your data.

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What should you check before destroying storage media onsite?

Before selecting the type of service

1.            Check whether it is a certified vendor.

Every company has different certifications and few common. Look for how much similarity is there between the protocol issued by your company compared to what are they following

2.            What are its security standards?

Check how secure is the process altogether. Check their standard of work, how much standard do they maintain at the work area and their workplace.  Look for how much security will they ensure regarding your media after they are taken for recycling.

3.            What are its privacy regulations?

This requirement to shred arises due to the need to maintain privacy so when you are trying to outsource this process, do not just let them do it because you found the certain company to be promising. Definitely go through their privacy regulations so that in the future you do not realize that you should not have chosen that particular company.

4.            Check their policies.

Check their rules and regulations.

Check how well they manage the whole process.

5.            Whether you will receive certificates or what will be the type of proof document you will receive after shredding.

Some companies provide certificates to their clients after the completion of shredding. Ask them about its authenticity, ask them about the certificate’s value. Know where are they accepted and under what conditions. Ask then when will you receive the certificate, who gives certificates. If there is a process which is required by you in order to receive the certificate.

6.            Check for transparency.

Do check whether they are clear about what do they do with the media whether after shredding or before shredding. Look for how open they are about their processes.

7.            If you want to recycle then check how much will be recycled.

Enquire the company how much percent of the total e-waste will they be able to recycle and also what will they produce after recycling. Ask them for the ways in which the shredded devices will be used.

8.            Check how much effective the shredding will be.

Enquire how much data will be destroyed completely.

9.            Look for whether it uses hazardous chemicals.

Ask them how will they destroy the devices, whether they will use any chemicals. Ask how much safe will it be on the earth’s surface.

10.          How much protection is taken in the company?

This process involves great risk not only because of the data but it involves electric wires, plastic particles, sharp particles. Ask them how much closed will be the machine to ensure safety, ask them about the possible hazard control they will take. Ask them about their precautions.

11.          Do ask for a quote.

Before agreeing to let them work for you, ask about will it cost. Also compare with other companies but do not always select a company for its low quote. See, how much confidentiality is maintained.

12.          Do enquire about each and every step from the company.

Be familiar with every step they are going to take during the whole process.

13.          How much authority is allowed to the person before and after shredding and what will be the process will be after shredding of the devices.

Ask them how much access to the media files will they require to complete the process. Ask them the time required for recycling the e-waste. Ask them how are they going to recycle the e-waste. Is it them they are going to recycle or will they transfer them to some other company?

14.          Be clear of your requirements from them and also understand thoroughly what would they want to have access from you or what are their requirements to perform the task.

Be clear about what do you want to be done with devices. There can addition and removal of steps if required but it depends on the company. Before agreeing, ask them what will they from you to complete the process of destruction, would there be a little exchange of confidential data, etc.

15.          How will they sanitize the data?

Sanitizing data is a process in which data is removed in such a way that even with the help of forensics, data cannot be retrieved.

Ask them under which certification do they sanitize data.

16.          What software will they use during the process?

Many companies delete the devices using software, so, if it is a part of their process ask them what software do they use.

17.          Is it a chain company or a stand-alone?

Ask them whether their company has its branches somewhere else and if so where are its headquarter. If the headquarter is in a different country, they ask them how where are their certificates from.

18.          How do they store the data of their clients?

Ask them about the software they use to secure data about you. Whether they use online software or offline software or cloud to store data.

19.          How do they ensure confidentiality?

Although they will maintain the confidentiality of your data in the devices.

20.          Time required?

Ask them for the total time required to complete the process. So that you can accordingly manage your day and your time and plan accordingly.