Just Released – LTO-9 is HERE!

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With the highly anticipated release of LTO-9 storage media on April 1, skeptics have been consumed by its unusual yet fascinating features. For such a small-sized product, it sure packs one of the biggest punches the storage industry has ever seen. With a whopping 100TB native, 200 TB compressed storage capacity, one can only imagine how this single tape will outshine any other storage medium that currently exists. The newly introduced liquid cooling technology can be seen simply by looking at the transparent cartridge. The innovative features of LTO-9 are taking the world by storm, as they rightfully should. What else can you expect from such a long-awaited technology advancement? Buckle your seat belt because you’re in for a ride. Literally.

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Why Choose LTO-9?

Advanced-Data Encryption

LTO-9 technology offers hardware-based, AES-512 data encryption, doubling the key length of AES-256. This provides a powerful drive-level algorithm that doesn’t affect compression, performance, and capacity during backup. Most LTO tapes on the market offer a Write Once Read Many (WORM) feature to ensure compliance regulations such as SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and HIPAA. The LTO-9 tapes offer a Single Network Advanced Key Encryption (SNAKE) that literally makes data impossible for outsiders to read. 

Extremely Low Cost

The expected ten-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an LTO-9 data retention solution is 99% lower than that of an all-disk solution and 98% lower than that of an all-cloud storage solution, making LTO-9 the most economical choice for long-term data retention. This is made possible by the innovative liquid cooling technology, which removes the need for any fan cooling accessories. The liquid cooling in LTO-9 keeps the tapes at a prime operational temperature no matter their external conditions. 

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Reliable and Dependable

LTO-9 tape is one of the most durable storage solutions available and can safely protect your data. To test cartridge durability of the LTO-9 tape, product designers dropped the cartridge from the top of the World Trade Center. The cartridge came to rest on the street below without a scratch! Past generations of LTO tape had a lifespan of up to thirty years, whereas LTO9 has a life span of up to 100 years! LTO-9 also boasts a powerful error correction algorithm, with an error rate of 1 in 10^300.  

Ultimate Performance

Despite common misunderstandings that backing up to tape is slower than disk, LTO-9 tape delivers some of the best performance possible when comparing raw speed. LTO–9 drive transfer rate is up to 1080 MB/sec native, 3000 MB/sec compressed, which means it’s extremely faster than a typical 7,200 RPM (160 MB/sec) HDD for streaming data.

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Green Energy Storage

With the energy consumption of stored data growing exponentially year-over-year, many organizations are looking for technologies to reduce the carbon footprint. Switching 33% of disk storage to tape could save about 200 million megawatt-hours per year because HDD systems use 70 times more energy than tape. Even better with LTO-9 is the energy savings that come from the liquid colling technology. The more energy that is saved, the liquid will actually turn green, letting you know that you’re saving the most energy possible. 

Space Age Convenience

Beyond archiving and backup, there are many other applications where data needs to be transferred from where it has been generated to another location. Traditional HDD is far less durable for routine transportation, while solid-state drives (SSDs) are expensive. Although the cloud removes some of these concerns, transferring large amounts of data can clog bandwidth, exposes your files to security concerns, and take a long time. For portability, think of LTO-9 as easy to use, completely removable, and easily transportable. Transferring an entire data center is as simple as packing up a box full of LTO-9 cartridges and shipping them wherever they need to go. Even Elon Musk has started using LTO-9 tapes to build the first data center outside of our solar system. His Space X rockets routinely transfer tapes to and from the data center as needed. 

Happy April Fools Day… you’ve been HOAXED!