Top 5 ways to prepare for LTO-9

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LTO9 is Coming, Will You Be Ready?

With the imminent release of LTO9, may data center managers and data enthusiasts are looking to upgrade. The increased storage capacity and enhanced data retrieval speeds are reason enough to be excited. Data center storage requirements are changing quickly as a result of the increasing volumes of big data that must be stored, analyzed, and transmitted. In fact, the digital universe is multiplying in size every two years and will grow by a factor of 10. So, clearly storage needs are increase rapidly. Fortunately, the cost per gigabyte of storage is also declining. Data storage costs are likely to become a larger part of overall IT budgets in the coming years. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 things to consider when planning your LTO9 upgrade. Pre-purchase your LTO9 tape media today!

ONE - Decide which tapes need to be migrated.

Most data centers will have a very large number of tapes, not only in the library but also archived, either onsite, offsite, or even both. It would be ideal to simply have all data stored on old media to be converted to the new media, but in many cases, this is not necessary. It may be helpful to determine which data sets need to be migrated before determining the tape technology needed for the migration. Users should categorize which data will be migrated and which will not. Data aging out in the near future should be allowed to age out and removed from the migration pool. What the difference between data backup and data archive? Read our blog here.

TWO - Choose the most cost-efficient option

Selecting an energy-efficient data center from the start can help control your expenses in the long run. Make sure your facility is intended for high density power that can hold more storage a smaller space. This allows you to grow your dedicated storage area without the need to invest in a larger footprint. It may also be a wise idea to audit your data to determine how it is used. Consider how often particular files are accessed during a given period and categorize the data into sections. All of your data may not need to be on-site. In fact, it is wise to have off-site storage as well, and with LTO9 you won’t need a constant power source to store it. How to make your IT department more than just a cost center.

THREE - Make sure Your data center is scalable

Data centers should be designed with scalability in mind. If not, costs can become insurmountable and possibly result in poor performance or even outages. Scalability allows you to grow your infrastructure at a pace that matches the growth in data, and also gives you the ability to scale back if needed. Distributed or scale-out designs can provide the perfect foundation for high capacity workloads because of their ability to quickly expand and contract according to compute, storage, or networking needs.

FOUR - Update all security software and practices

Strict security or compliance requirements for data, particularly for companies in the healthcare or financial industries, can increase the complexity of data management and storage processes. Some data need to be held in dedicated, 3rd party-audited environments or fully encrypted at all times. It is best practice to make sure all security software and security procedures within the company are updated before considering an upgrade to LTO9. However, if using tape in the past, you may have already had an airgap set up which helps tremendously in securing your data. Learn more about an airgap solution and how it can help your business.

FIVE - Backup all of your data

Before you begin to plan any type of upgrade, whether it be software or hardware, or both; it is imperative that your data be backed up. An unintentional data loss can not only cost your business a substantial amount of money, but it can get you into some hot water with the legal system. When planning your LTO9 upgrade, backup all data that you have. If you are planning on getting rid of older tapes that no longer have the capacity and speeds your business requires, you will want to get the data contained properly destroyed based on industry standards. This can usually be done with a magnetic degausser. Looking to sell your old data tapes to make room for your LTO9 tapes? We can help with that! Your businesses’ data storage needs will continue to increase over time, as the digital universe continues to grow. Careful planning is required to create a cost-efficient, secure, reliable data tape infrastructure that can keep up with the pace of data growth. Let us help you find the right storage options for your storage needs.