LTO Tape meets long term economical Video Surveillance

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You’ve heard of Alexa, and you’re familiar with Siri, now introducing Alice. Actually, its askALICE and its not so much of a digital voice assistant as it is an innovative surveillance system. Cozaint Corporation, a developer of smart physical security products, has revealed their latest solution in askALICE. This new smart surveillance system is considered by many to be the industry’s most economical video surveillance management hardware and software system, delivering extremely long-term data retention.

The intricacies behind askAlice technology

This technological breakthrough from Cozaint is no ordinary security system. In fact, askALICE delivers an enterprise-grade video management software suite integrated with server and multi-tiered storage that has never been seen before.

Cozaint designed the innovative software, called BOBBYvms, to easily play back video from either initial storage or second-tier storage without any additional steps needed by the surveillance operator. This is all made possible by LTO storage.

Integrating the industries best LTO data storage, askALICE gives surveillance operators the ability to play back video from any point on the recorded timeline. No extra steps or processes are necessary for the operator to view and playback recorded video from days to years ago. It really one seamless operation.

Most of the video storage solutions used by today’s surveillance operators is a hard disk format. Even though, the initial set up costs associated with hard disk storage are trending in a downward direction, they actually tend to become more expensive in the long run due to the massive amounts of video retention required. The ability to provide and properly store video data from months or even years out using high resolution cameras becomes quite the expenditure. Using LTO storage technology in place of the hard disk lowers those long-term costs exponentially. 

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How askALICE benefits organizations

Anywhere you go these days you better smile, because you’re no longer on candid camera. It seems everywhere you look, there’s a camera pointed in your general direction. Many of today’s larger entities such as hospitals, airports, universities, and most of all casinos find themselves needing a video surveillance system as either a replacement for an aging CCTV system or as a brand-new installation. More often than not, these videos are used as evidence in avoiding an accident, crime, or major lawsuit.

The first thing any law enforcement agency or legal representative of either party in a dispute will ask for is a copy of any available video footage of the incident in question. Even, the peace officers investigating the incident most likely have some sort of video surveillance either on their vehicle, on their body, or both. Having the option to quickly and easily provide high resolution video of an incident in question is vital to resolving any issue. The need for a video surveillance system may also be required by regulatory requirements, such as in the health care industry. 

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Over the past few years, video camera technology has come a long way. Pushed by the never-ending demand for high quality resolution, lower costs, and mobile capabilities, cameras in cell phones, tablets, and action cameras colossal advances have been made.

Cozaint found a way to capture all of these consumer demands and still advance the surveillance industry to new heights. They have taken the requirements of an ideal network video recording system and put together a multi-tiered video retention storage system to fulfill the needs from mid-level to vast installations. Cozaint brings together off the shelf PC hardware and professional-grade surveillance software to develop the most affordable, flexible, long-term video retention solution on the market that is both easy to use and maintain.

The cost comparison of askALICE vs alternative solutions

If you haven’t heard before, the long-term cost effectiveness of LTO technology heavily outweighs that of the alternative hard-dick based storage solutions. Here is a great example. Using a 100-camera, 500-terabyte storage necessity, requires a traditional hard disk-based solution costing just over $112,000 US. Whereas, the askALICE solution using LTO technology with the same exact storage capacity costs around $62,000 US. This represents a 55% cost savings on the equipment alone. 

For larger organizations that require a miunimum 400-camera set up and 2.25-petabytes of storage, using a a traditional hard-disk based solution would cost around $367,000 US. Compared to the same storage volume with an askALICE solution costing around $149,000. Surprisingly, this is also before all the extra Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings LTO also brings to the user. The TCO for LTO over hard disk storage is much less due to the fact that LTO does not require a constant power source to operate the storage. LTO also offers added protection to data storage due to the fact that it can be stored off-line and at an off-site location if needed. The benefits are insurmountable.