Turn Your LTO Tapes Into Ca$h

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The World’s Easiest Way to Turn Used Data Tape into Cold Hard Cash

Chances are if your business or someone you know has recently upgrade their data storage infrastructure, there is going to be an abundance of old storage media not being used. It makes no sense to have retired data storage equipment just laying around taking up space. So why not sell your used data tapes and other data storage equipment? Its surprisingly easy to turn your used tapes in cash! We’ve put together an easy to follow step by step plan to help you get the most money for your used data tapes.

The World’s Easiest Way to Sell Used Tape

Follow this simple 6 step process to get the most money for your used tapes:

  1. Send us your list of tapes you want to sell. You can do that by clicking here.

Make sure to include the following:

    • What type of tapes do you want to sell?
    • What brand of tapes are they?
    • What is the part number on the tape?
    • How many tapes do you want to sell?
    • What condition are the tapes in? (Used, new, factory-sealed, etc.)
    • Will they require any data destruction upon receipt?
  • Including a picture of your used tapes will help too!
  1. Our in-house team of data storage and IT equipment experts will audit your tapes based on the information you send us and make you an offer. That is why the more information you send regarding your tapes, the better it is for you.
  2. Once an offer is agreed upon and depending on the quantity of the sale, we will take care of all logistics involved. This includes the cost of shipping, shipping labels, trucks, and other security needs that may be required.
  3. The same team of IT equipment experts that helped you with an offer, will then inspect and verify your tapes once they arrive out our secured location. At our company-owned and secured facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance to ensure data protection.
  4. If needed or requested, your used tapes are erased 100% of the data. We have multiple ways to make sure the data on your used tapes is 100% eradicated, with no chance of being read. We even have a magnetic degaussing machine that can guarantee the data erasure to industry and government regulations. If you’d like, you can request a certificate of data destruction upon completion.
  5. We will send you a check for your used tapes. Some organizations that are in the process of a data storage upgrade request to use the sale of their old tapes as a credit towards newer tapes. For example, a business may want to sell their old LTO4 tapes and replace them with the newer LTO8 or LTO9 tapes. This allows us to become a one-stop-shop for all of your data storage needs.

LTO9 tapes are currently on a pre-order basis – Find out more about them here

What Kind of Tapes Can I Sell?

We buy almost all types of magnetic media storage, whether it be new or used. However, WE DO NO BUY VHS TAPES.

Here is a quick view list of tapes we purchase:

Want to sell LTO Tapes?

    • LTO3 (New HP LTO-3, LTO Ultrium, and C7973A Tapes)
    • LTO4 (Dell, Fuji, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, and Sony LTO4 Tapes)
    • LTO5 (Dell, Fuji, HP, IBM, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, and TDK LTO5 Tapes)
    • LTO6 (Dell 342-5450, Imation 29080, Fuji 16310732, HP C7976A, IBM 00V7590, Quantum MRL6MQN01, Sony LTX2500G, TDK 62032)
    • LTO7 (Fuji 16456574, HP C7977A, IBM 38L7302, Quantum MRL7MQN01, Sony LTX6000G)
    • LTO8 (LTO8 tape cartridges: Quantum MR-L8MQN-01, HPE Q2078AN)
    • LTO Cleaning Cartridges

Want to sell IBM 3592 Tapes?

    • 3592 JB
    • 3592 JC
    • 3592 JD
    • 3592 JE
    • 3592 JJ
    • 3592 JK

Want to sell 4mm Tapes?

    • DAT-40 / DDS4 (Dell 09W083, IBM 59H4456, Sony DGD150P, HP C5718A)
    • DAT-72 / DDS5 (DELL 0W3552, FUJI 26046172, HP C8010A, IBM 18P7912, IMATION 17204, MAXELL 200200, SONY DGAT72, TDK DC4-170)
    • DAT-160 / DDS6 (HP C8011A, IBM 23R5635, IMATION 26837, MAZELL 230020, QUANTUM MRD6MQN01, SONY DGDAT160, TDK DC4160)
    • DAT-320 / DDS7 (IBM 46X7452, IBM 46X7452L, 46X7452LI, and IBM 23R9830)
    • 4mm Cleaning Cartridges

Want to sell MLR/SLR Tapes?

    • IBM 35L0844, 59H4366
    • Imation 12094, 11864, 11892
    • Sony SLR58GB
    • Tandberg 56782, 56781, 431581
    • MLR/SLR Cleaning Cartridges

We also purchase an array of tape drives and tape libraries.

Hopefully, you no longer have to ask, “How do I sell my used data storage tapes?” or “Who pays the most money for used data storage tapes?” The answer is simple. WE DO! Contact us today and find out for yourself. It’s FREE and there’s no obligation if you’re not happy with your quote. It’s a win-win!