Month: August 2020

  • Have You Been Hacked ?

    Have You Been Hacked ?

    Recently, the California State University system as well as numerous other universities and nonprofit organizations around the world experienced a major cyber-attack. In May 2020, the university system received notice from third-party technology provider Blackbaud that cybercriminals copied data for the purpose of extorting funds. Blackbaud is one of…

  • What is WORM Storage?

    What is WORM Storage?

    WORM storage stands for Write Once Read Many. As organizations create massive amounts of data, more often than not they’ll need to store some that data in a permanent way. For example, a non-profit might want to store its financial data, or a university might want to store graduation…

  • Turn Your LTO Tapes Into Ca$h

    Turn Your LTO Tapes Into Ca$h

    The World’s Easiest Way to Turn Used Data Tape into Cold Hard Cash Chances are if your business or someone you know has recently upgrade their data storage infrastructure, there is going to be an abundance of old storage media not being used. It makes no sense to have…