ITAD Vendors vs Recyclers

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ITAD Vendors vs Recyclers

In today’s ever evolving world of IT, businesses usually rely on either electronics recyclers or ITAD service companies to dispose of their outdated and retired IT equipment. Sadly, it’s also a common occurrence for those same businesses to choose the wrong type of vendor to handle their valuable IT assets. To aid in the prevention of future happenings, we put together a quick overview and clarification of the two different services.


Recycling companies can be useful in certain conditions including:
  • Disposing of IT assets that are deemed scrap – nobody would pay for it or it’s damaged beyond repair
  • If the mount of equipment you have in inventory is worth less money than it would cost to have it moved

Why Contact an ITAD Service Provider BEFORE a Recycler?

One way or another, all IT assets obviously retain some sort of value. The problem is trying to determine what that value is. If your organization has data center equipment that you’re not exactly sure its worth, or the electronics are either damaged or possibly reparable, contact us! Our expert staff will help you with every step of the way.

ITAD Vendors

Situations when ITAD vendors can be of unique value:
  • The equipment is newer and functional
  • You have a large inventory supply of servers, data storage, networking equipment, computers, or RAM
  • There is a surplus of valuable assets but need refurbishment

What’s the Difference Between ITAD Vendors and Recyclers?

Both ITAD service vendors and equipment recyclers are theoretically responsible for the disposition of IT assets. However, there are several things that make them different. ITAD vendors are mainly concerned with recouping the maximum value out of the assets. Therefore, an IT assets valuation is usually conducted along with requiring information on the specifics of the equipment before acquisition. ITAD service providers pay organizations based on the current market value of the equipment as well. Recyclers basically deal in commodities. There are a few different price models depending on the type of material. Some recyclers pay by weight, or by lot of material, whereas other recyclers are just electronics trash collectors that come to haul away your junk for free.