Month: November 2017

  • Big Data Services Unleashed

    Big Data Services Unleashed

    BDaaS – what exactly is BDaaS? Some may think it’s a bad attempt at getting a crude personalized license plate past the local DMV. For those more familiar with the world of tech, it may come across as just another crazy acronym to describe some sort of service offering. They…

  • Generating Revenue with ITAD

    Generating Revenue with ITAD

    According to a recent study, 37% of IT asset managers recognized cost as the main reason they hadn’t adopted IT asset disposition for their business. The truth is, businesses can actually MAKE money from an IT asset disposition (ITAD) plan. ITAD creates revenue from equipment liquidation by retiring your decommissioned hardware &…

  • Data Destruction by Degaussing

    Data Destruction by Degaussing

    Degaussing is a method of data destruction that completely erases data on hard drives and other magnetic media forever. This method of removing data is done by a mechanism called a degausser. A degausser changes the magnetic field which holds the data on devices. The process of degaussing scrambles the…

  • Best Ways to Destroy Magnetic Tape

    Best Ways to Destroy Magnetic Tape

    Sooner or later along the path of every companies’ evolution process there will come time to upgrade IT equipment without wavering on data security. In most cases this means destroying tape media. Back up tapes contain confidential information and in some cases intellectual properties that are vital to business survival.

  • Minimize Data Security Exposure

    Minimize Data Security Exposure

    The Asset Life Cycle Unbeknownst to many IT professionals, there are several benefits to having a strong IT management plan that embraces secure IT asset recycling services. Although the core advantages include data security and agreement with both government and industry guidelines; IT asset disposition (ITAD) also controls environmental risks,…